Wood Warrior's Kama

A Kama with the elemental power of wood

weapon (melee)

Damage: str+d6+1
Properties: Confers a +1 bonus to damage (already included in profile). It also has the deflection power and a arcane skill of d8, and 10 power points, that recover at a rate of 1 every half hour.
Trapping: When Deflection is activated the weilder is surrounded by a veil of wind that has in it flower petals of varying color all of these are as hard as iron.



a resplendent etched blade with a near mirror finish, the blade of the weapon is a beauty who knows no equal. The handle though is made of rough wood that has been polished only by the oil and sweat of her wielders. Other-wise the wood handle is unremarkable and stands in a stark contradiction of the elegant blade.


The wood warrior’s kama was built at the opening of the 10th dynasty, when the Wey kingdom was under attack by the Shu Kingdom. The Wey sorcerers taped into the element of wood brings the wind to save the warrior from the arrows of their Shu enemies. These Kama were made for the a sect of warrior monks who were decimated to the man at the final battle when the Dynast intervened and the combined might of the other 8 kingdoms under his command were brought down on Shu and Wey.

Wood Warrior's Kama

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