Healing Potion

Potion to heal wounds


Recovers 1 wound level if consumed before 1 hour after the wound was delivered


Healing potions are common sites, and most experts at magic, can easily craft such potions. The magic contained within them easily duplicates the effect of the healing spell known by most Priests. The potion contains one exotic ingredient though, mandrake root, which can be tough to gather. As such most adventures do not bother to brew this potion themselves but rather purchase such potions from monasteries, and abbeys which are likely to have their own gardens and cultivate the plant.

Alternate forms of this potion that are commonly seen, but are just as effective are the Healing Apples of Elranson, Balm of Akrosia and healing tiles of Bal Turath. These variants are regional, with the Saurians of Akrosia and the Cambions of Bal Turath having come up with their own more than likely from lack of water to grow mandrake, or make a liquid potion, and the elven Apples fitting more to their pallet and ascetics over the bitter potion developed by humans and commonly produced.

Healing Potion

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