Into the Dark of Night

Travelers on The road
Day1 Logfile

Excerpt from the Journal of Cain Rico -
So here I am traveling down the road with a farm girl and her pet cat, and a airhead furball. I can’t wait to get to Gellard and recover The Book of Eibon. Oh but no, things are never that easy we encountered a group of refugees fleeing Gelalrd. Go figure. More over this group of refugees tell us that it isn’t plague, or natural disaster that they are running from, no me and my bimbo circus are heading right into the hands of a vampire bitch. Lovely. At least I know what the Farm girl was going there for now. Apparently her sister was working as a prostitute for the mayor. Well she’s vampire food now.

Well I think I’ll grab the book and leave these two air heads to die. At least that is what I planned but go figure on the way there we get attacked by a ghoul hunting for the men they escaped with and it’s undead hunting dogs. Why do I get the feeling I can kiss a this being a simple in and out job Goodbye.

Rats at the door
Day1 Gellard

Excerpt from the Diary of Cain Rico –
So, what do my wandering eyes should appear as we reach the gates of Gellard, but two were-rats standing guard at the door. I don’t think the others noticed but I’m fairly certain these are women. Well I guess it makes sense that the Vampire Harlot would use women to fill the roles that her food is too valuable for.

And as if things couldn’t get better the rats-bitches weren’t along they brought friends. It was a long hard fight but we made it.

Undead Everywhere
Gellard Day1

Excerpt from the diary of Cain Rico –
Well this is just getting more and more annoying. We were about to enter the town gates when this pip squeek runs up. A little elf mongrel, named Min Flintlock who some how is smarter than both the farm girl and the cat slut put together! You know your dumb when your being out smarted by a brat! Anyway, Farm girl smashed in the gate and got us in. This drew the town guard (Skeleton forces), that was damned annoying. Anyway we fought our way threw that, and we recovered some jewel thing for the kid. In that hand though we found demoniacally created undead hands. Not good. They are the reanimated hands of lecherous men, and they set about Molesting, the only woman in the group who could be identified as such, Naunet. Yes Farm girl is flatter than a board, with more manly hips and short hair. Personally I think she might be into spending her nights with other women.

Some how one of these things recognized Corrin’s Ass as belonging to a woman and grabbed it. This drew in the others. While half pint recovered her crystal the rest of us, Minus Corrin who was shaking in fear, and Naunet who was being molested to the point of no return, fought them off.

After saving our own asses we saved Naunet the only way we new how. We let shorty shorty shoot them off Naunet! Some how she “accidently” shot the cat slut two or three times by mistake. Fun times. Well after that we tried to figure out if we should head to the churches to get the thing Naunet’s father sent her for, or go rescue Corrin’s sister when we found ourselves chaseing after Corrin.

First Showdown
Day 1

Journal of Min,

What a big mansion it was, magnificient in the middle of that sinister ghost town, I’ve found the gem Daddy sent me to get, I’m so happy. I have found new friends which I travel with now, maybe my abilities will be of some use to them, they look like nice people, even Cain though he don’t want to show it…I think. It seem like people were waiting for us there, quite the surprise, but I could not see them well at that time cause we fell in a pit in the middle of the floor…strange idea to put a pit there.

What happened after that is a bit foggy in my mind, we woke up in a cellar with rag in place of our normal clothes, I can pass on that part as the whole thing almost look like it was set so we could escape, which is what we did obviously.

Is luck so bitter on us or it’s just fate that hate us, we fell in another trap…or was we put in it this time ? I can’t recall much on that part though, I only remember the screams of my teamates and the red blood of Cain flooding on the ground, killed by a powerful warrior in black armor, a Black Knight… which happen to be related to Corrin as what I heard. I was hidden during that time, shaking in fear, powerless as my comrades were butchered….how much I wish I’d be stronger….father, give me strength.

Hanging Treasure

Journal Entry by Naunet-
Ok, I woke up in the weirdest place after getting out of the hospital. I don’t remember the time between then and now really. Well, we all woke up hanging from shackles and chains. One odd guy was there and called us weird names and then switched the chains to start lowering before leaving us. There was also this weird, old guy, who we later found out was named Mr. Yon. We all swung over to the ledge once we got low enough. Min got out her shackles and we then went exploring which I found the room where our stuff was with a lot of treasures and the keys. Min then unlocked us all and then we geared up again. We also all found special treasures among the riches inside the room too. I chose a necklace with a pendant with animals etched in it.

Soon after, we lost Min until I found her unconcious on the floor. Once Corrin took the ring off, Min woke up. I think there is something special about her ring but I wonder what. She said she doesnt really remember what happened to her though she had a weird dream of this horrible place. Mr. Yon and Corrin both chose headbands but Corrin’s has golden lions on it while Mr. Yon’s had what looks like silver women on it. After Min woke up is when we finally met Mr. Yon who in my opinion is really weird. Then we somewhat met a pipefox named Tsori who went back to sleep before we really got to see her. She lives in his pipe which seems odd and cramped. Then we all went about our other business though I was still sleepy.
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The Following events happened last time

  • Crossed bridge
  • Played with Teleporter
  • Found guards breakroom
  • Discovered orcs takeing class in bone breaking
  • Defeated 10 Orcs
  • Ate Zog’s birthday cake, and found a magic Kama, Wood Warrior’s Kama
Clone Massacre

Journal Entry by Naunet

Well this day was wild and bloody. We freed some students of the crazy wizard of the weird tower. Well once we got out after we convinced (mostly me) the enemy weirdo wizard to let us go, we went to the nearby familiar inn. We went inside to see something that most would be afraid of. Clones of who else…. Ourselves. We all took on our own clones. Corrin slaughtered hers like crazy. Yon’s got away. Mine was a bit weird cause i could never hit her so i moved on and heal Yon and then ran after Yon’s clone who you already know what happened. I came down and talked with Min and her clone before realizing the clone was right by me and I hurt it bad but then it all went wrong. When I kill the clone because my nature was saying “kill kill” and i slaughtered her…. well more like obliterate with my claws. After that, Min ran away quickly. I feel so bad for doing it now but I cant help my nature. Now, I think I’m a nightmare to her now. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Corrin's thoughts

After the bloody battle I cleaned Min up and also myself. The poor girl previously did not understand the true brutalities that can occur in battle. And what could I really say that could make things all well for her? In truth I was also disgusted by what had happened before me. It is not something you can just wake up one morning and forget.

Anyway, one of the anti-us got away, Mr. Yon’s be be exact. We argued over how to track him down and who to dress as a prostitue so long that I think Min decided to figure things out on her own. I saw her leave and I decided to follow her since I had just promised to keep her safe. We found a blacksmith’s shop, where Min could get her new scale mail shirt resized. It was me, Min, and Mr. Yon.

Naunet was not with us, and we figured someone should look for her. I stayed with Min, but the little fox that lives in Yon’s pipe came running back. She didn’t have to say much before I was telling Min we had to leave. We ran back to find out Naunet was in a hospital, and in bad shape with an eye missing.

I am not one who delights in blood shed; nor do I demand and eye for an eye. But when I saw her like that I was filled with rage. Yon too appeared very upset and we tracked the sick -—— down with the aid of the little fox. He had just put Naunet’s eye in his own eye socket when we located him. It was proof it was him, and that was all we needed. Anyway, the man no longer walks among the living, I made sure of that.

On a side note, both Min and Naunet wish me to take them on as students. I’m not sure how well I can teach them, but I will try.

Jershon Arrival
We're all gonna die!

DM’s Notes on events

  • Party arrives at the next city Jershon.
  • Discovered a bounty on who ever was killing prostitutes.
  • Discovered a further bounty offered by the Church of Ishtar
  • Went to Church of Ishtar
  • Learned a bit about the religion of Ishtar
  • Meet Priestess Melody
  • Set trap to catch Hooker Killer.
  • Discovered the killer is a troop of demonaic toys.
  • Discovered Alexia Sheppard is behind it.

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