Into the Dark of Night

Travelers on The road
Day1 Logfile

Excerpt from the Journal of Cain Rico -
So here I am traveling down the road with a farm girl and her pet cat, and a airhead furball. I can’t wait to get to Gellard and recover The Book of Eibon. Oh but no, things are never that easy we encountered a group of refugees fleeing Gelalrd. Go figure. More over this group of refugees tell us that it isn’t plague, or natural disaster that they are running from, no me and my bimbo circus are heading right into the hands of a vampire bitch. Lovely. At least I know what the Farm girl was going there for now. Apparently her sister was working as a prostitute for the mayor. Well she’s vampire food now.

Well I think I’ll grab the book and leave these two air heads to die. At least that is what I planned but go figure on the way there we get attacked by a ghoul hunting for the men they escaped with and it’s undead hunting dogs. Why do I get the feeling I can kiss a this being a simple in and out job Goodbye.


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