Priestess Melody


A high priestess of the Temple of Ishtar, in Jershon. Melody is a former exotic dancer, and a full blooded high elf. As a priestess of Ishtar she takes it upon herself to watch over the development (spiritual, sexual, physical, and mental) of the young women in the city of Jershon. Additionally Melody does much to insure the “working women” of Jershon are well taken care of, and treated well.

Harming a prostitute, and rape are crimes she as a High Priestess she does not abide and she has been known to bring Ishtar’s wrath down upon those who would harm the girls of this city. Thus the tragic deaths in Jershon touched her so much that she was able to open the Temple’s coffers to put a stop to this. Sadly not many paladins come to Jershon, as it is known as the City of Sin, and none of the other heroes to come threw have been very heroic.

Melody is dressed in a Habbit that is vented almost to the pelvis on both sides, the top is a resembling a La Pei dress and exposes her assets to the eye. In addition to a pleasing feminine form she has long blond hair done in a half pony tail. Her strikeing green eyes show that she has seen the wickedness in men, but forgives them of most of it because they are unable to help themselves of it.

Priestess Melody

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