Into the Dark of Night

What will happen now?

Corrin's death

I am worried about everyone. I wish I could give them strength to hold there heads up and finish what needs to be done. It seemed to take us too long to leave town…it wasn’t long enough.

Why did I get so mad at that man? I should of forgiven him and walked away instead of punching him like that. It’s not like he was the first man to mistake me for a guy. (He was the first to hit on me while thinking I was a guy, though.) We used our magical horse and buggy to get away from what I had done.

Appearently the man who took Naunet’s eye had a family and wife. His wife saught the same revenge that Yon and I broght down upon his head. (Did I underestmate them?) The battle started like most I’ve very been in. (Something went wrong. Was I ill?) Dal didn’t respond to me because I had upset him. I think he feels guilty, he understands that he failed to aid me. But I don’t blame him. I doubt having him verse my bastard sword would of made that much of a difference. (It was like I couldn’t hurt them.) I don’t remember now if it hurt when I died, it was so sudden I didn’t realize I was dead for sometime.

Poor Min…she shouldn’t of had to see that creature take my heart, but she did. She was filled with such rage, rage that one so young should not have to feel. (I should of sent her home, why didn’t I do that?) I wanted to take that emotion from her, but what could I do? Once the last Ripper was dead I wanted to hug her and let her know that even though I’m dead I’m alright. But I couldn’t. Yon had to do that for me.

Will everyone be okay without me? That question and my sister are my ownly worries. I wish to watch over them as they go.


HaplessOne Silverthunder

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