Into the Dark of Night

Revealing the killers.... and finding out more than needed

Journal of Naunet

Well we decided to show the so called priestess… though i have doubts about her sometimes. Well once we started talking to her, sometimes into it she sent me off for a weird sounding book. Unfortunately once i found the library the missing annoyance, Negative Yon, was there burning the whole library. After some time I finally killed him on my own though I’m starting to hear voices in my head telling me stuff i dont want to hear. Though after I slaughtered the bug, shadow, who i sent earlier, brought Corrin to the library and while I took the bug away and looking at the weird things he held on his burnt body. Oh and how he got burnt was from my sword oddly enough. I found a statue, some mail which i might want to see could be fitted for me sometime and someone or something’s heart. We also found the book though it was burnt up enough to get very little out of it. We had to go find the weird prietess and while we talked some guy brought in a huge book. Both Corrin and Min needed me to keep them calm though Corrin reacted better to my touch than Min. We found out what Corrin’s sister was and i think it hurt Corrin in the process to know very little could be done for her sister. I’m thinking it would be best to kill the supposed child cause if I had an addiction to so much power, I’d be hard to convince to live the life as a rabbit afterwords.


HaplessOne Krixa

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