Into the Dark of Night

No turning back now

Well, atleast I healed her.

What a day. First the buggy ride from (insert dwarven word equivalent to hell here). The old man, I’m still learning names, Yol I think, drove the buggy, at an insane speed, over a bunch of zombie hands. I don’t know if I’ll ever forget that sickening crunch. Luckily it ended before I could lose my last meal. I was on the back seat of the buggy, one on the outside. I thought I was going to die. I’m happy no one could see me back there actually…

Anyway, after that ended we were at the church. We paid to get there, some zombie women blocking the path. Net, the cat person, walked over to a creepy grave, I took that opportunity to steal her spot.

Once inside I decided to talk to Min about something that bothered me. Seeing her charge into battle like that bothered me. I’d of freaked out if one of the kids back home did that. I’m surprised at how calm everyone else is about it. I didn’t get her to back off the idea that she is some great fighter, but I did learn she had a mentor. And it seemed like her and her mentor had a good relationship. Perhaps if I bring it up again I could use this knowledge to my advantage.

Net returned with a necklace, something tells me her adventure getting it was epic. I’m actually sorry I missed it. But that place was plan creepy and I did not want to get out of the buggy.

So, we were off again, Net on the back, I got to stay inside and we stopped by a zombie construction site. It was creepy and when I questioned what one said about cutting the pay of the workers, one of them heard me. They seemed…friendly…for zombies.

Off we went again, until BAM! We crashed something. It took a moment for me to realize what we ran into. A magical barrier. Grand, right? After I noticed that I felt the blood running down my face. Can’t say this is the first time that’s happened, still it’s bothersome. I guess it got the zombies excited because they came running to us. Those creeps move faster than you’d think. Min has a pretty cool gun which took one out right away. Only if she would stay a ranged fighter… I tried to fire three fire bolts, two hit and did their job, but the third I messed up. (dwarven curse) it still hurts! Worse of all, I couldn’t do anything! So when one of the zombies hit Min all I could do was watch.

Earlier I told her I’d support her. Next thing I know she’s on the ground bleeding. Part of me thought “she’s dead.” But I learned to never just assume that so I pushed back the pain and kneeled beside her. I healed her up while the others finished. Thank goodness she wasn’t dead.

Just then some annoying imp started singing. I wanted him to shut up, but hey, he had a secret we could possibly use. So after some persuading I got him to tell us the barriers weakness. The orbs on the pillars. I healed Min one last time, and now I’m going to think of ways to destroy those orbs. Hm…

~Calar Dalendro


HaplessOne Silverthunder

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