Into the Dark of Night

I should of listened to Dad

Why didn’t she tell me she spoke Dwarven?! I mean, all this time I’ve been cursing away like some drunken warrior, droning on about some escapade he went on to a bunch of pub patrons who don’t give a ****. Wait…wait…let me back this up.

So yea, with Net dead I’m on high alert. For starters, she didn’t seem like a weakling, so there is something strong in this building that I’d rather not meet. And another reason is, obviously, we are down one. I do know a healing spell, thanks to Mom, but I can’t profess to be a great healer or anything and I’d rather avoid finding out if I am. So when I was listening to what was on the other side of the door, and that **** cat kept making noise by pawing at it; well, I can’t say I didn’t get filled with the want to punt the furry ******* down the hall. But I couldn’t do that. He can’t help it if he stupid.

Min blocked the door, and I double check the map, but I believe what is in there is trapped. And if my ears were correct there were about 7 female voices in there. Luckily they were yakking away so much I doubt they heard that cat’s incessant pawing.

We went back to the Mayor’s office, and were ready to strike, but it was empty. …Oh yea, vampires sleeping during the day. Which brings up the next question, “do they actually sleep in coffins? And are they actually sleeping or are they temporarily returning to a state of death?” I guess that is two questions, but I suppose I will find out soon enough.

I did some snooping around in some finance books laying around and found out there are about 14 paid maids. Luckily half of them are locked up in that room. Then I found out construction was done to make a central wing. I noticed a locksmith and a magician had been hired to protect the door to this new wing. So I looked for a new door that wasn’t on the map. Though I just when I remembered magicians are better at illusions I happened to discover the hidden door accidentally. Hurray for dumb luck

There are these gargoyle things that are each missing one eye, and that is the lock. So I tried picking it only to get shocked. I had looked that thing over and did not see anything that looked like a trap. And I complained and cursed in dwarven, and who replies? Min. Yea, that’s right. She’s been hearing me curse in a language she knows. As to why she knows it, I don’t know. Most people don’t bother learning it, which is why most dwarves I know speak common.
So now, not only has this lock defeated me in a game of wits, meaning we will have to find those eyes, but I’m embarrassed by how I’ve been conducting myself vocally. Dad did say it would get me in trouble. He didn’t know dwarven, but he did recognize those words. I learned very quickly not to say them around him, but since he was gone, and hardly anyone I knew understood them, I tended to use them freely. Time to rein back in my tongue, ****.


HaplessOne Silverthunder

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