Into the Dark of Night

Corrin's thoughts

After the bloody battle I cleaned Min up and also myself. The poor girl previously did not understand the true brutalities that can occur in battle. And what could I really say that could make things all well for her? In truth I was also disgusted by what had happened before me. It is not something you can just wake up one morning and forget.

Anyway, one of the anti-us got away, Mr. Yon’s be be exact. We argued over how to track him down and who to dress as a prostitue so long that I think Min decided to figure things out on her own. I saw her leave and I decided to follow her since I had just promised to keep her safe. We found a blacksmith’s shop, where Min could get her new scale mail shirt resized. It was me, Min, and Mr. Yon.

Naunet was not with us, and we figured someone should look for her. I stayed with Min, but the little fox that lives in Yon’s pipe came running back. She didn’t have to say much before I was telling Min we had to leave. We ran back to find out Naunet was in a hospital, and in bad shape with an eye missing.

I am not one who delights in blood shed; nor do I demand and eye for an eye. But when I saw her like that I was filled with rage. Yon too appeared very upset and we tracked the sick -—— down with the aid of the little fox. He had just put Naunet’s eye in his own eye socket when we located him. It was proof it was him, and that was all we needed. Anyway, the man no longer walks among the living, I made sure of that.

On a side note, both Min and Naunet wish me to take them on as students. I’m not sure how well I can teach them, but I will try.


HaplessOne Silverthunder

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