Into the Dark of Night

Clone Massacre

Journal Entry by Naunet

Well this day was wild and bloody. We freed some students of the crazy wizard of the weird tower. Well once we got out after we convinced (mostly me) the enemy weirdo wizard to let us go, we went to the nearby familiar inn. We went inside to see something that most would be afraid of. Clones of who else…. Ourselves. We all took on our own clones. Corrin slaughtered hers like crazy. Yon’s got away. Mine was a bit weird cause i could never hit her so i moved on and heal Yon and then ran after Yon’s clone who you already know what happened. I came down and talked with Min and her clone before realizing the clone was right by me and I hurt it bad but then it all went wrong. When I kill the clone because my nature was saying “kill kill” and i slaughtered her…. well more like obliterate with my claws. After that, Min ran away quickly. I feel so bad for doing it now but I cant help my nature. Now, I think I’m a nightmare to her now. I don’t know what I’m going to do.


HaplessOne Krixa

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