Into the Dark of Night

Bad fur day

our target in mind, we had left this morning, the objective was simple, passing the barrier…we didn’t thought much further. The barrier itself wasn’t that hard to take care off, much like anything but brainless zombie could have took it down, not that they would need to take it down for themselves. the Imp guardian would not have been much of a problem, a good slap in the face would possibly knock him down, if he didn’t listened, Naunet thought otherwise, or was it a coincidence that the Imp was hungry and looking for chicken ? Not that I thought the Imp would be of any match for Naunet, whatever form she had, she proved it by taking care of the demon with a single deadly blow…then disappeared in one of the window, probably left open.

That fact though, wasn’t noticed by me or Calar (wherever Mr. Yon was) as we got in front of the gate… which we opened without much difficulty, wasn’t even locked… as we entered, we heard a scream, then it got silent again, a silence of death, the place was quite big, but empty. the mayor’s office was close by, but I had a gut feeling that something was wrong… probably realising too late… Naunet wasn’t with us. what did happen ? when did she left us ? was she ever with us ? she is so silent all the time, I barely realised in time… the scream….. I was thinking so fast, overthinking at that moment, Calar proposed to go check where the scream came from. I suggested that I would check myself as I got something to spy easily without being noticed, remembered it from Naunet’s amulet at that time.

….oh father, how I wished to never had to see that.. just got there to see what I could have mistook as Shadow, getting butchered by a crazy little girl, until the transformation undo and confirmed my doubts… I screamed, shouted my rage and pain, so much went out of me at that moment when I broke again, I’m glad I was but a spirit at that moment, my scream would have alerted the whole town. A butler entered the room to take care of the body as the little girl mutulated it even more, taking parts of it. I swore to myself that I’ll get them for that, then went back to my body… poor Calar didn’t had to get swallowed by my frustration, he did nothing bad, I just couldn’t take it, couldn’t take how powerless I was again. suddently…nothing counted anymore, I just wanted to finish it, be it my downfall, I am tired… despite Calar’s begging and Dal’s torment, I felt like I nothing mattered anymore. one bite from Dal bring me back in the end…finally willing to think again about what I was about to do…was I really about to throw myself in the worf’s den ? taking Calar in my downfall ? this finished to bring me back as Dal was trying to get us somewhere…


HaplessOne Yushiki

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