Into the Dark of Night

A rare clean up day.

We went back to the church after figuring it was best to rest for a night so we were ready for going inside. I went out to the graveyard and talked to some ghosts who needed help. Short time after, I dragged Min away to the church which I think she came to get me to do the same. We went inside after some time and a few more gravestones before I lock the door. I felt the ghosts were worried for us for some reason before I went in.

Min yelled at me which broke my heart though I didnt show it. I sometimes wish Corrin was still alive but she isnt but we all went and got clean and ate before going to bed. I woke up drowsily like I always do and walked to the kitchen. After some time, Min went and woke Calar up. My eyes were closed when they came back but I wasnt alseep which made Calar think I was. We all ate and as they feed their pets i left and fed shadow. Once we were all fed we went and walked outside, ready to go break the barrier and beat whoever is inside.


HaplessOne Krixa

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