Into the Dark of Night

A new person will never replace the old.

I was so hurt by Corrin’s death but as we got to Geldar we found a couple guards and a cage. Once we got close enough, we noticed there was a guy inside it, chained. It took a while but Min eventually got the guards to put the cage on the back of the buggy and we got out of there which was fast cause i felt like if we went slow, the guards would call us back and want the guy back.

His name is Calar. If i remember right he is a theif <or> but i dont trust him. Though once we got to the gates, we met a group of skeletons who wanted the men which if i remember right it was women last time but when we disagreed, they came at us. Well, it was more us at them but we fought them. After the fight, I ducked away and used my long-forgotten amulet and turned into a falcon. I saw the whole town over-run by undead and a group of disgusting dismembered hands <god> coming our way. Once I got back and shifted to normal i found out something bad about my shifting….. my clothes disappeared. I got so embarressed once they all came so I ran into the buggy to hide and try and find new clothes. Once I found them I got dressed in record time. Well, now to firgure out how to deal with the new person and the terrible, perverted hands.


HaplessOne Krixa

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