Into the Dark of Night

I should of listened to Dad

Why didn’t she tell me she spoke Dwarven?! I mean, all this time I’ve been cursing away like some drunken warrior, droning on about some escapade he went on to a bunch of pub patrons who don’t give a ****. Wait…wait…let me back this up.

So yea, with Net dead I’m on high alert. For starters, she didn’t seem like a weakling, so there is something strong in this building that I’d rather not meet. And another reason is, obviously, we are down one. I do know a healing spell, thanks to Mom, but I can’t profess to be a great healer or anything and I’d rather avoid finding out if I am. So when I was listening to what was on the other side of the door, and that **** cat kept making noise by pawing at it; well, I can’t say I didn’t get filled with the want to punt the furry ******* down the hall. But I couldn’t do that. He can’t help it if he stupid.

Min blocked the door, and I double check the map, but I believe what is in there is trapped. And if my ears were correct there were about 7 female voices in there. Luckily they were yakking away so much I doubt they heard that cat’s incessant pawing.

We went back to the Mayor’s office, and were ready to strike, but it was empty. …Oh yea, vampires sleeping during the day. Which brings up the next question, “do they actually sleep in coffins? And are they actually sleeping or are they temporarily returning to a state of death?” I guess that is two questions, but I suppose I will find out soon enough.

I did some snooping around in some finance books laying around and found out there are about 14 paid maids. Luckily half of them are locked up in that room. Then I found out construction was done to make a central wing. I noticed a locksmith and a magician had been hired to protect the door to this new wing. So I looked for a new door that wasn’t on the map. Though I just when I remembered magicians are better at illusions I happened to discover the hidden door accidentally. Hurray for dumb luck

There are these gargoyle things that are each missing one eye, and that is the lock. So I tried picking it only to get shocked. I had looked that thing over and did not see anything that looked like a trap. And I complained and cursed in dwarven, and who replies? Min. Yea, that’s right. She’s been hearing me curse in a language she knows. As to why she knows it, I don’t know. Most people don’t bother learning it, which is why most dwarves I know speak common.
So now, not only has this lock defeated me in a game of wits, meaning we will have to find those eyes, but I’m embarrassed by how I’ve been conducting myself vocally. Dad did say it would get me in trouble. He didn’t know dwarven, but he did recognize those words. I learned very quickly not to say them around him, but since he was gone, and hardly anyone I knew understood them, I tended to use them freely. Time to rein back in my tongue, ****.

Bad fur day

our target in mind, we had left this morning, the objective was simple, passing the barrier…we didn’t thought much further. The barrier itself wasn’t that hard to take care off, much like anything but brainless zombie could have took it down, not that they would need to take it down for themselves. the Imp guardian would not have been much of a problem, a good slap in the face would possibly knock him down, if he didn’t listened, Naunet thought otherwise, or was it a coincidence that the Imp was hungry and looking for chicken ? Not that I thought the Imp would be of any match for Naunet, whatever form she had, she proved it by taking care of the demon with a single deadly blow…then disappeared in one of the window, probably left open.

That fact though, wasn’t noticed by me or Calar (wherever Mr. Yon was) as we got in front of the gate… which we opened without much difficulty, wasn’t even locked… as we entered, we heard a scream, then it got silent again, a silence of death, the place was quite big, but empty. the mayor’s office was close by, but I had a gut feeling that something was wrong… probably realising too late… Naunet wasn’t with us. what did happen ? when did she left us ? was she ever with us ? she is so silent all the time, I barely realised in time… the scream….. I was thinking so fast, overthinking at that moment, Calar proposed to go check where the scream came from. I suggested that I would check myself as I got something to spy easily without being noticed, remembered it from Naunet’s amulet at that time.

….oh father, how I wished to never had to see that.. just got there to see what I could have mistook as Shadow, getting butchered by a crazy little girl, until the transformation undo and confirmed my doubts… I screamed, shouted my rage and pain, so much went out of me at that moment when I broke again, I’m glad I was but a spirit at that moment, my scream would have alerted the whole town. A butler entered the room to take care of the body as the little girl mutulated it even more, taking parts of it. I swore to myself that I’ll get them for that, then went back to my body… poor Calar didn’t had to get swallowed by my frustration, he did nothing bad, I just couldn’t take it, couldn’t take how powerless I was again. suddently…nothing counted anymore, I just wanted to finish it, be it my downfall, I am tired… despite Calar’s begging and Dal’s torment, I felt like I nothing mattered anymore. one bite from Dal bring me back in the end…finally willing to think again about what I was about to do…was I really about to throw myself in the worf’s den ? taking Calar in my downfall ? this finished to bring me back as Dal was trying to get us somewhere…

A rare clean up day.

We went back to the church after figuring it was best to rest for a night so we were ready for going inside. I went out to the graveyard and talked to some ghosts who needed help. Short time after, I dragged Min away to the church which I think she came to get me to do the same. We went inside after some time and a few more gravestones before I lock the door. I felt the ghosts were worried for us for some reason before I went in.

Min yelled at me which broke my heart though I didnt show it. I sometimes wish Corrin was still alive but she isnt but we all went and got clean and ate before going to bed. I woke up drowsily like I always do and walked to the kitchen. After some time, Min went and woke Calar up. My eyes were closed when they came back but I wasnt alseep which made Calar think I was. We all ate and as they feed their pets i left and fed shadow. Once we were all fed we went and walked outside, ready to go break the barrier and beat whoever is inside.

No turning back now
Well, atleast I healed her.

What a day. First the buggy ride from (insert dwarven word equivalent to hell here). The old man, I’m still learning names, Yol I think, drove the buggy, at an insane speed, over a bunch of zombie hands. I don’t know if I’ll ever forget that sickening crunch. Luckily it ended before I could lose my last meal. I was on the back seat of the buggy, one on the outside. I thought I was going to die. I’m happy no one could see me back there actually…

Anyway, after that ended we were at the church. We paid to get there, some zombie women blocking the path. Net, the cat person, walked over to a creepy grave, I took that opportunity to steal her spot.

Once inside I decided to talk to Min about something that bothered me. Seeing her charge into battle like that bothered me. I’d of freaked out if one of the kids back home did that. I’m surprised at how calm everyone else is about it. I didn’t get her to back off the idea that she is some great fighter, but I did learn she had a mentor. And it seemed like her and her mentor had a good relationship. Perhaps if I bring it up again I could use this knowledge to my advantage.

Net returned with a necklace, something tells me her adventure getting it was epic. I’m actually sorry I missed it. But that place was plan creepy and I did not want to get out of the buggy.

So, we were off again, Net on the back, I got to stay inside and we stopped by a zombie construction site. It was creepy and when I questioned what one said about cutting the pay of the workers, one of them heard me. They seemed…friendly…for zombies.

Off we went again, until BAM! We crashed something. It took a moment for me to realize what we ran into. A magical barrier. Grand, right? After I noticed that I felt the blood running down my face. Can’t say this is the first time that’s happened, still it’s bothersome. I guess it got the zombies excited because they came running to us. Those creeps move faster than you’d think. Min has a pretty cool gun which took one out right away. Only if she would stay a ranged fighter… I tried to fire three fire bolts, two hit and did their job, but the third I messed up. (dwarven curse) it still hurts! Worse of all, I couldn’t do anything! So when one of the zombies hit Min all I could do was watch.

Earlier I told her I’d support her. Next thing I know she’s on the ground bleeding. Part of me thought “she’s dead.” But I learned to never just assume that so I pushed back the pain and kneeled beside her. I healed her up while the others finished. Thank goodness she wasn’t dead.

Just then some annoying imp started singing. I wanted him to shut up, but hey, he had a secret we could possibly use. So after some persuading I got him to tell us the barriers weakness. The orbs on the pillars. I healed Min one last time, and now I’m going to think of ways to destroy those orbs. Hm…

~Calar Dalendro

A new person will never replace the old.

I was so hurt by Corrin’s death but as we got to Geldar we found a couple guards and a cage. Once we got close enough, we noticed there was a guy inside it, chained. It took a while but Min eventually got the guards to put the cage on the back of the buggy and we got out of there which was fast cause i felt like if we went slow, the guards would call us back and want the guy back.

His name is Calar. If i remember right he is a theif <or> but i dont trust him. Though once we got to the gates, we met a group of skeletons who wanted the men which if i remember right it was women last time but when we disagreed, they came at us. Well, it was more us at them but we fought them. After the fight, I ducked away and used my long-forgotten amulet and turned into a falcon. I saw the whole town over-run by undead and a group of disgusting dismembered hands <god> coming our way. Once I got back and shifted to normal i found out something bad about my shifting….. my clothes disappeared. I got so embarressed once they all came so I ran into the buggy to hide and try and find new clothes. Once I found them I got dressed in record time. Well, now to firgure out how to deal with the new person and the terrible, perverted hands.

What will happen now?
Corrin's death

I am worried about everyone. I wish I could give them strength to hold there heads up and finish what needs to be done. It seemed to take us too long to leave town…it wasn’t long enough.

Why did I get so mad at that man? I should of forgiven him and walked away instead of punching him like that. It’s not like he was the first man to mistake me for a guy. (He was the first to hit on me while thinking I was a guy, though.) We used our magical horse and buggy to get away from what I had done.

Appearently the man who took Naunet’s eye had a family and wife. His wife saught the same revenge that Yon and I broght down upon his head. (Did I underestmate them?) The battle started like most I’ve very been in. (Something went wrong. Was I ill?) Dal didn’t respond to me because I had upset him. I think he feels guilty, he understands that he failed to aid me. But I don’t blame him. I doubt having him verse my bastard sword would of made that much of a difference. (It was like I couldn’t hurt them.) I don’t remember now if it hurt when I died, it was so sudden I didn’t realize I was dead for sometime.

Poor Min…she shouldn’t of had to see that creature take my heart, but she did. She was filled with such rage, rage that one so young should not have to feel. (I should of sent her home, why didn’t I do that?) I wanted to take that emotion from her, but what could I do? Once the last Ripper was dead I wanted to hug her and let her know that even though I’m dead I’m alright. But I couldn’t. Yon had to do that for me.

Will everyone be okay without me? That question and my sister are my ownly worries. I wish to watch over them as they go.

Revealing the killers.... and finding out more than needed

Journal of Naunet

Well we decided to show the so called priestess… though i have doubts about her sometimes. Well once we started talking to her, sometimes into it she sent me off for a weird sounding book. Unfortunately once i found the library the missing annoyance, Negative Yon, was there burning the whole library. After some time I finally killed him on my own though I’m starting to hear voices in my head telling me stuff i dont want to hear. Though after I slaughtered the bug, shadow, who i sent earlier, brought Corrin to the library and while I took the bug away and looking at the weird things he held on his burnt body. Oh and how he got burnt was from my sword oddly enough. I found a statue, some mail which i might want to see could be fitted for me sometime and someone or something’s heart. We also found the book though it was burnt up enough to get very little out of it. We had to go find the weird prietess and while we talked some guy brought in a huge book. Both Corrin and Min needed me to keep them calm though Corrin reacted better to my touch than Min. We found out what Corrin’s sister was and i think it hurt Corrin in the process to know very little could be done for her sister. I’m thinking it would be best to kill the supposed child cause if I had an addiction to so much power, I’d be hard to convince to live the life as a rabbit afterwords.
Jershon Arrival
We're all gonna die!

DM’s Notes on events

  • Party arrives at the next city Jershon.
  • Discovered a bounty on who ever was killing prostitutes.
  • Discovered a further bounty offered by the Church of Ishtar
  • Went to Church of Ishtar
  • Learned a bit about the religion of Ishtar
  • Meet Priestess Melody
  • Set trap to catch Hooker Killer.
  • Discovered the killer is a troop of demonaic toys.
  • Discovered Alexia Sheppard is behind it.
Corrin's thoughts

After the bloody battle I cleaned Min up and also myself. The poor girl previously did not understand the true brutalities that can occur in battle. And what could I really say that could make things all well for her? In truth I was also disgusted by what had happened before me. It is not something you can just wake up one morning and forget.

Anyway, one of the anti-us got away, Mr. Yon’s be be exact. We argued over how to track him down and who to dress as a prostitue so long that I think Min decided to figure things out on her own. I saw her leave and I decided to follow her since I had just promised to keep her safe. We found a blacksmith’s shop, where Min could get her new scale mail shirt resized. It was me, Min, and Mr. Yon.

Naunet was not with us, and we figured someone should look for her. I stayed with Min, but the little fox that lives in Yon’s pipe came running back. She didn’t have to say much before I was telling Min we had to leave. We ran back to find out Naunet was in a hospital, and in bad shape with an eye missing.

I am not one who delights in blood shed; nor do I demand and eye for an eye. But when I saw her like that I was filled with rage. Yon too appeared very upset and we tracked the sick -—— down with the aid of the little fox. He had just put Naunet’s eye in his own eye socket when we located him. It was proof it was him, and that was all we needed. Anyway, the man no longer walks among the living, I made sure of that.

On a side note, both Min and Naunet wish me to take them on as students. I’m not sure how well I can teach them, but I will try.

Clone Massacre

Journal Entry by Naunet

Well this day was wild and bloody. We freed some students of the crazy wizard of the weird tower. Well once we got out after we convinced (mostly me) the enemy weirdo wizard to let us go, we went to the nearby familiar inn. We went inside to see something that most would be afraid of. Clones of who else…. Ourselves. We all took on our own clones. Corrin slaughtered hers like crazy. Yon’s got away. Mine was a bit weird cause i could never hit her so i moved on and heal Yon and then ran after Yon’s clone who you already know what happened. I came down and talked with Min and her clone before realizing the clone was right by me and I hurt it bad but then it all went wrong. When I kill the clone because my nature was saying “kill kill” and i slaughtered her…. well more like obliterate with my claws. After that, Min ran away quickly. I feel so bad for doing it now but I cant help my nature. Now, I think I’m a nightmare to her now. I don’t know what I’m going to do.


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